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Dayz Breaking Point

Posté : sam. 18 mai 2013, 20:26
par =[TTK]= LoSabu
hola todos el mundo,

Je viens vous faire d'une découverte que j'ai fait sur le web.

C'est dayz breaking point.

un nouveau mod de dayz, qui as son propre launcher et qui à l'air prometteur.

Voilà ce qui est déjà dedans:
  • Over 600 more weapons added, 100 more hand guns added. etc

    Over 20 lootable skins to find, original bandit skin re-added for bandits, Clan skins - no limit on what we can add

    175+ land, air & sea vehicles added, more end-game vehicles

    New zombie models, zombie sounds, stronger zombies, more zombies.

    More heli crash sites, loot spawns, animals. etc

    ARMA 2 Electrical Power Grid - Can be turned on/off, can be destroyed/repaired (Lighting, Street lights, Light House lights. etc)

    Logistics System - Tow vehicles, flip vehicles, load in gear/smaller vehicles, lift vehicles with helicopters, move objects. etc

    Base construction elements (W.I.P)

    Companions (Dogs)

    Refuel your vehicles fully by parking them close to a fuel tank (one that would work with a jerry can) - saves unnecessary time spent on refueling vehicles

    New sound effects for everything! From climbing ladders to running on surfaces to reloading & firing off weapons.

    Remove parts from vehicles

    Night fog/mist

    SMK Lite animations

    Different kinds of Tasers - brings new kinds of gameplay to DayZ

    New and improved map, custom towns, cities, buildings, bases. etc
Et encore il veulent encore en rajouter dans le futur.

Voici le liens pour les plus curieux: ... nt/?p=3568

Sur ceux, je vous dit à bientôt sur le TS.